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Welcome to St Osyth Boatyard. We are a family business operating under current ownership for more than 30 years, on a site that has a history as a port for over 800 years. Capable of providing services for all sizes and types of vessel from day boats to 100ft barges and everything in between. For more information on the history of the boatyard, including an overview of some of the projects that have been undertaken in recent history, please see our "About us" page.  To find out a bit more about the services that we provide, see our current price list and to request a quote, please go to our "Services" page. To find or contact us, please see our "Contact" page and to see boats for sale please click on "For Sale".  We look forward to welcoming you to St Osyth Boatyard soon.

St Osyth Boatyard

Here at St Osyth Boatyard, we are lucky enough to have a Thames Sailing Barge in residence. Sailing Barge EDME was built in 1898 and was originally used to transport cargo. She is one of only three engineless barges still sailing and is rigged and sailed as she would have been when she was trading. The current owners, a group of shareholders and sailing enthusiasts, have owned her since 1989 and she was relaunched ready to race in 1992. Nowadays she is used to compete in the Sailing Barge Matches that take place in various locations around the East Coast throughout the year, and is also available to charter and for short breaks alongside

St Osyth Boatyard Quay.

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To book EDME for a short break, click here



For more information on EDME, including how you can arrange to charter her for a day sail or take part in a race, click here

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Download a PDF of the Creek here

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